Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Beautiful stamps and dies from Chloe

I do apologise for being so slack here on my No.2 blog but to be honest I havent been in the best of health for the last couple of weeks and in fact I had to put off my followup appointment for my cataract with the optician but Im hoping to get signed off this Friday. Hubby and I have both been caught by the horrible cold, sore throat, cough etc and Ive got admit this is the first time in many years since I suffered from one, it must be that my immune system must still be compromised from all the health problems I had last year. Roll on Summer Im hoping it will boost me up to start to feel more like me and not like this awful stranger I am at the moment.
I was lucky enough to eventually receive my Chloe stamps and dies last week and I invested in some beautiful inkpads to help create these Birthday Cards, I do hope like them.

I used the Cheery Bloosom border twice for the background and the tree I used the trunk and bloosom top then the die. After I mounted it up and popped some glitter in the middles and along the bottom to create the ground. To finish of I used the sentiment stamp and then mounted it as shown in each of the colours in the photos.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

A bit of Sprakle

Good Morning to you on a January wet Sunday, oh Im so looking forward to lighter nights and days I find these dark days so miserable and depressing but I suppose to appreciate the nice days you have to endure the bad ones.
Anyway today's card is one I made with the Chloe stamps and dies, I do enjoy using them shes so sparkly with her designs and it cheers you up if nothing else.

I am daft I just went to add it and discovered I hadn't finished off editing it anyway here it is, its created with her poppy dies and stamps I haven't put a sentiment on it yet I will have to decide who to give it to, I hope you like the end result.
I hope you have a fab week, I have a couple of dental appointments to get my plate relined I'm just hoping the technician does a good job as at the moment it will come out when I eat and speak without the use of the fixadent so keeping my fingers crossed for that. 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

First Post for 2018

Good Morning Crafters, Happy New Year to you all, sorry Im a bit late in wishing you this but last Saturday I did at last get my second Cataract done so now Im going through the month of drops and Im really pleased with the outcome I have at last vision in my right eye though to be honest they had quite a job breaking down the cataract as it had started to go hard, so you can image how I looked when I came home it looked as if I had been in a fight with a boxer, but today its looking a hell of lot better nearly all the bloodshot has gone.
I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and for me the New Year was extra special as my third great grandson decided to make an appearance and his parents being 1st time parents are learning all about looking after him and I wish them all the very best and thank you so much for giving me such a gorgeous baby Great Grandson.
I dont often show photos on either my facebook page of blog as now a days its not advisable so forgive me if I dont do so.
Anyway hear this is a set of cards I eventually finished of yesterday I havent as yet put any sentiments on them as I have found just recently its been necessary for me to make some quite thank you cards and I think these maybe just ideal for that or even sending love to someone, what do you think?

I must admit they were stolen from an idea  Francoise Read used and demonstrated on Hochanda just before Xmas, but I have put my own bent on them I used the same papers and stamp but actually instead of using ribbon I used a mask and some ink through it and around the edge to finish it off.
The actually stamp is from Woodware and the papers are decoupage papers for the topper and the backing paper is from a fabulous paper pack called "Letters from Home" from DCWV its abrilliant pack and even has diecut papers as well. By the say its from the same sheet the backing paper and using the different colours inks they have changed the whole colour of them, clever dont you think?
Anyway hope you like the result.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

My last blog post for 2017

This is to be my last blog post as next week I will be having my cataract done on my right eye and I have 2 more blog posts to deal with before I can take a break from writing them up so I hope you will forgive me.
For the last few days we have had our first snow showers of this winter, Friday it was off and on all day and yesterday we were free of them but we woke up this morning to find a very big layer of the stuff and as I look out of my window I can see it has just started again. Hubby has walked into town to try and get himself some milk and I hope he gets back soon as hes been out quite awhile and the road down into town is rather slippery in this sort of weather. The Forest is more or less cut of in places as the roads are impassable and several trees have come down and blocked them to.

As you can see its about 5 inches in depth and although our dog loves it and jumps around like a spring lamb in it the consequences arent so much fun, we have already experienced a 3 hour power cut and I was just despairing of never get a hot cup of coffee it suddenly came back on again. The house had started to get rather cold and because everything in this house is run by electricity we didnt even have any heat as we dont have a chimney so couldnt even have a fire and we cook with electric as well.
Well to try and cheer myself and you up I created this card with the new John next door dies and Im quite pleased with the end result so here you are.

Well Im going to finish now and I want to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and I will be back in the New Year, so do take care and keep warm.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Good Morning My Special Friends

Well this last week has been a busy one and Im sure tomorrow I hope will be a little quieter as its my 75th Birthday and although you have to do the normal things Im hoping I will be getting some phone calls from my family as I dont get to see them very often as they live so scatter across the country.
Next week is going to be a expensive one I fear as I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday to sort out my plate and I know from previous experience its not cheap but Im so hoping they will sort out my problem with the sore gum as the plate is rubbing on it.
The dog is due to be clipped so I think hubby will be taking her though she doesnt like that to much she gets a problem with being left if Im not there to do so, I will go if I have my plate but not if I dont I definitely look bad without it.
And then on Friday I have my 1st appt with the pre-diabetic clinic nurse, the doctor tried to reassure me that is to chat about my life style eating habits if I do as Im told I should be okay but it seems as you get older the risk of developing diabetes is a lot higher as the body cannot cope with the sugars in your body, what fun as if I havent had problems all year with my diet it seems and I was hoping to be able to eat normally again Im going to have to spend the rest of my life watching it again, not much fun for sure. But Im hoping that its a hiccup as I must admit that I did over do the licorice because of the constipation I now suffer due to loosing the last part of my bowel, and I have to have a sugar blood test every 3 months instead of 6 or at least I think thats what the doctor said it might have been 1 a month but I will ask when I see the D. nurse.
Well I think Im going to lay that to rest for today and show you the card I made for John next door's new facebook page group, I do love his crafting goodies and these ones I particularly love I hope you do to.

Its a combination of stamps, diecuts and stamps also a embossing folder which I cut a square from the middle to create the aperture which I but the stamped image behind.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Card for this week

Well so far since trying to post 1 card a week I seem to be managing to do so lets hope it continues. Firstly thank you for the lovely comments on my dear son, its a strange thing that my mum lost a premature baby girl in 1950 at a week old and yes I do remember her because even though I was only 7 I did get to see her when they took both my mum and her to hospital, and then my sister also lost a son at 4 months to a cot death, so you know they say things run in threes lets hope that the last of that sort of thing happening in my family.
Well next Sunday I reach the grand old age of 75 I cannot believe Im going to be that mind you over this last year Ive certainly been reminded that my body is starting to give up, not only having to have the sigmoid colon removed in July but struggling to cope with the new way of managing my bowels (its totally different to my old way as I really cannot get them to work that way, I know I need to go but it just doesn't want to work when you get there so you can guess I'm having to strain all the time, which isn't what I want really) and then Ive been suffering with some balance problems, I have toppled over a couple of times though luckily I didn't do any damage just shook myself up. The doctor put me on antibiotic's for sinus but the side effects of them were dreadful constipation, which I thought I could counteract with licorice but the problem with that it has now caused me to be referred to the pre-diabetic nurse,  just hope it doesn't mean that's the next problem, its certainly shaken me and causing me to panic a bit as you can image, anyway I see the Dr again on Wednesday so hopefully she will reassure me, it showed I had a high blood sugar level (when I had a load of blood tests last week) after I came off them.
Well I think I had better just hope that things sort themselves out Please God, as I really don't need anymore problems I really hope that in the New Year it will be a better one for me, but no doubt other problems will arise but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
Here is this weeks Card I hope you like it.

My eldest daughter who is in her middle 50's is a personal trainer, she runs a jogging group in Strahaven in Scotland and loves anything to do with keeping healthy, she even ran the London Marathon a few years ago and I thought this fabulous image from Gordon Fraser would be (you can get it from Crafts u Print,) ideal for her, Ive printed it and coloured it with my copic pens, then cut it out completely.
The backing paper was also from the same source and I coloured this also with my copic pens and cut it out to create a background for my image.
I then downloaded the free backing papers and mounted them onto green card which was attached to a 6.50"x 6.50" white card, then stuck the background at the top of the card and the stamped sentiment which was also mounted onto green card at the bottom of my card towards the right, and I also did the same thing with the other sentiment but this time stuck it at the top on the left.
And to finish of I placed my cut out image as if she is running away from the background in the center of my card. I just hope she likes it, she likes plain and simple cards so lets hope this fits the bill.
See you all next week, hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Good Morning my Friends

Well thank you Bridgit for the comment on my mum, I must admit our relationship wasnt as close as I would like to have been as she was more orientated to my brother and Ive a feeling I was more like being the eldest was expected to show a good example, I must admit I was always scared of her as she had terrible PMT and would act just like a hell cat when she was due and it was best not to get in her way if you could help it.
But she was my mum and I did love her and in the last few years she did try to become closer but I always felt it was a bit strained but I forgave her as Ive a feeling she just couldnt help the way she was and she suffered terribly to and was in constant pain so when she died I think for her it was a happy release and the end of loneliness as my dad died at least 30 years before she did.
Anyway this week is another sad one for me as its my sons birthday on the 17th and he would have been 54 and it would have been such a joy to see him grown up with a family, but its not to have been and all I can remember is the 6 month old baby who suffered with Lymphatic Leukaemia in the last 2 months of his life, but at least I did go on to have 2 more daughters who have given me 5 grandsons between them and 3 great grandsons, so I have been rewarded in another way for my loss.

Here he is with his big sister at 19 days old

And now to cheer ourselves up here is this weeks card.

This has been created using the Woodware stamps, lots of different embossing powders and enamel accents, and the embossing folder is a Embossalious one. Hope you like the result.